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DO not use Other Sensor Anymore

DOSA, Esonus’s core IT solution product, uses existed CCTV camera built in stores to recognize and distinguish customers based on AI technology. During opening hours, it collects customer movements, their dwell time and chosen items with traffic data and automatically creates marketing analysis reports. During closing hours, it could perform as an intrusion detector as well. Not like an ordinary CCTV, DOSA differentiates various objects even at night time and sends automatic notifications if something unusual gets detected.

  • All you need is a basic installed CCTV camera.

  • Your camera identifies objects you selected to be recognized.

  • DOSA recognizes and captures the objects to create the data you need.

DOSA not only collects in-store data but also analyses it automatically, categorized into multiple topics. All it needs is one click to track where and how customers are spending the most time in-store based on their dwell time. Based on this result, DOSA offers six different types of analysis reports combining with the collected information from POS machine. This will lead DOSA users to manage stores in the most cost-effective way and it is inevitably going to drive profitable revenue growth.

  • Travel rout of each object

  • Travel direction of each object

  • Dwell time of each object

  • Traffic data of sections and times

  • Traffic data of days and times

  • Comparison data of purchase and traffic in each section

By DOSA, you can also read a trend of your trade area to build your own sales strategies. Through the recorded images, Dosa enhances the effectiveness of individual stores by allowing store managers to check circumstances both inside and outside the store.

DOSA performs in every way users want. It can be customized in a wide range depending on the type of business as you work in. You can select what objects should be identified and what should not.

    1. Developing sales strategies through the collected data
    2. Experiencing revenue growths by modifying counter space
    1. Comparing the amount of visitors and purchases
    2. Guiding and evaluating your promotion performance
    1. Checking the products that aren’t seeing as much attention
    2. Analysing customers reactions to add marketing
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